12 O’Clock High TV Series


1964-67 American drama series set during World War II follows the fictional 918th Bomb Group.  



S1E01 Golden Boy Had 9 Black Sheep

S1E02 Follow The Leader

S1E03 The Men and The Boys

S1E04 Sound of Distant Thunder

S1E05 Climate of Doubt

S1E06 Pressure Point

S1E07 Decision

S1E08 The Hours Before Dawn

S1E09 Appointment At Liege

S1E10 Interlude

S1E11 Heres To Courageous Cowards

S1E12 Soldiers Sometimes Kill

S1E13 The Suspected

S1E14 An Act of War

S1E15 Those Who Are About To Die

S1E16 In Search of My Enemy

S1E17 The Albatross

S1E18 The Lorelei

S1E19 Faith Hope and Sgt Aronson

S1E20 To Heinie With Love

S1E21 The Clash

S1E22 The Ticket

S1E23 The Trap

S1E24 End of the Line

S1E25 The Threat

S1E26 Mutiny at 10000 Feet

S1E27 The Mission

S1E28 The Cry of Fallen Birds

S1E29 V For Vendetta

S1E30 P O W pt1

S1E31 P O W pt2

S1E32 The Hero




S2E01 Loneliest Place In The World

S2E02 Rx For A Sick Bird

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