Air War Over Europe Archival Films


1st Air Division Combat Film

92nd Bomb Group War Film by Doc Furniss

92nd Bomb Group Mission to Germany

92nd Bomb Group on Bombing Mission

92nd Bomb Group B17 Snake Hips Battle Damage

306th Bomb Group Film Clips

306th Bomb Group July 24, 1944 #1

306th Bomb Group July 24, 1944 #2

306th Bomb Group 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Arriving at Thurleigh, England

390th Bomb Group – Bombing Mission

1944 From Above and from Below – Bombing Germany

Air Battle over Berlin (narrated in French)

All The Fine Young Men

Army Air Forces Report by General H. H. “Hap” Arnold

Attention Young Men

B-17 Bombing Raids to Moonlight Serenade

B-17 Down


B-17 Bombing Raid

B-17 During Air Combat

B-17 In Combat Action

B-17 Flying Fortress Attacked by Messerschmitt 109s

B-17 Flying Fortress Heavy Bombers Over the Nazi Germany

B-17 Memphis Belle

B-17 Simple History

B-17s to Glenn Miller

B17 Under Attack – Gun Camera Film

B-24 Liberator Willow Run Assembly Plant

Ball Turret Gunner Video

Ball Turret Gunner

Battlefield Air War Over Germany

Battle Stations – B-17 Flying Fortress

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Color of War: Air War – Flak

Combat Action

Combat America 351st Bomb Group

Conquest by Air

Critical Past (German forces engage American aircraft)

Critical Past (Remains of American aircraft shot down by Germans)

Death of a Ball Turret Gunner

8th Air Force Battles over Wilhelmshaven

Fight For the Sky part 1

Fight For the Sky part 2

First B-17 Raid Over Germany


Flying Cadets of the U.S. Army Air Corps

Flying Fortresses Bomb France

Flying the B-24 Liberator

Fortress of the Sky

George Roberts 306th Bomb Group

Great Planes B-17

Great Planes P-38 Lightning

Great Planes P-47 Thunderbolt

Great Planes P-51 Mustang

Hell Over Germany

How to Fly the B-17 – Part 1 Ground Operations

How to Fly the B-17 – Part 2 Flight Operations

How Bomber Crews Worked

Liberators Over Europe

Link Trainer

Luftwaffe Documentary: German Warplanes of World War 2

Luftwaffe Gun Camera of Attacks on B-17s

Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109 and Focke Wulf 190 Gun Camera

Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum

Mission Accomplished – The Story of the Flying Fortress

Mission to Bremen

Norden Bombsight – Conduct of a Mission

Norden Bombsight – Operation

Norden Bombsight – Principles

On A Wing and A Prayer

Operation Titanic – Bombing Operations Over Germany

P-38 Lightning

P-47 Thunderbolt

P-51 Mustang

Ralph Franklin’s Comments at the 306th Re-dedication Ceremony

Rear Gunner

Re-dedication of the 306th Bomb Group Memorial

Resisting Enemy Interrogation

Target For Today

Target Germany

The Bombing of Germany – Part 1

The Bombing of Germany – Part 2

The Bombing of Germany – Part 3

The Fallen of World War II

The Memphis Belle

The Thunderbolts “Ramrod to Emden”

Tommy Hitchcock and the P-51 Mustang

US Army Air Corps Recruiting Film

US Air Force Fighter Escorts

Weapons of World War 2 – Heavy Bombers

Wings of Power – “U.S. 8th Air force vs Luftwaffe”

Wings of the Luftwaffe – Focke Wulf 190 “Butcher Bird”

Wings of the Luftwaffe – Messerschmitt Bf-109

Wings Up

Winning Your Wings

World at War Episode 12: Whirlwind – Bombing Germany Sept 1939 – April 1944

World War II Air War Combat Footage

World War II Air Combat Over Europe

WWII in HD: The Air War

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