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  4 Responses to “Awards”

  1. Warm congratulations on your pair of category wins in the 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards competition (History-US and Military Historical Non-Fiction). Yours is clearly an exemplary book and you really have your promotion game together. I am sure many of us who write similar WW2 non-fiction and, in some cases, competed against you in the competitions, can learn much from your example.

    Very best wishes;

    Joe H. Camp, Jr., PhD
    Author, 32 Answered: A South Carolina Veterans’ Story (Finalist, 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards, Military Historical Non-Fiction)

    • Hi Joe. Sorry I did not respond to your message before now, but for some reason, it seems it just came through. Thank you very much. I basically work all day, every day on promotion. It is a lot of hard work.

  2. Having read many history volumes on WWII and aviation history including many award winning works, I especially enjoyed this book. Many historical accounts are usually a chronological timeline of previously published events. This book is both an all new look to being on an air crew and “what it was like up there”. We went through the training, camp life, disappointments and gut wrenching moments of actually making bombing runs over Europe without sufficient fighter support in sub-zero weather. Then we ended up “shot down” and learned how the boys survived evading the enemy and living in frightening and hostile foreign land with true local heroes who protecting and sheltering them with tremendous personal risk.

    This is truly an original study on the subject and deserves all the awards it has received from historians and publisher review societies. Thank you author Steve Snyder and the valiant airmen of the USAAF, the 306th BG and the patriots of Belgium and France.

    • Thank you so very much for your message, Randall. I greatly appreciate it.

      If you would be willing to post a review on Amazon, please go to and scroll down past the last review to the blue box that says, “Write a customer review” and then click on it.

      I’d be grateful if you do.


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