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Military Documents - Draft notice

Military Documents

Registrations, certificates, i.d. cards, notices, charts, reports and other official documents of Howard Snyder and the Susan Ruth Crew members.​

Howard Snyder, Pilot

Howard Snyder Photo Album

Flip through the pages of Howard's online photo album to see photos from his life and service during WW II.

Western Union Telegram

WW II Letters

Letters and telegrams sent back and forth between the soldiers, their wives and families, and between the crew member's families.

Aviation Museums

Aviation Museums​

Alphabetized list of Aviation Museums listed by state or country.

World War II Research Directory

List of World War II Research and Educational Websites.

WW II Magazines

World War II Magazines Online

Explore archives and current online magazines and news sources for World War II

The B-17 Bomber “Sentimental Journey”

B-17 Flight Tours

For the ride of a lifetime! Book a B-17 flight tour and experience flying in a World War II B-17.