Hans G. Berger

Hans G. Berger 1944

In 1944, Luftwaffe pilot, Hans Berger, shot down my father’s B-17. Today in 2014, my youngest son had lunch with Hans Berger!

On February 8, 1944, two Focke-Wulf 190 German fighter planes attacked the 306th Bomb Group B-17 Susan Ruth over the French/Belgian border. All three planes were shot down. Among the survivors were 28 year old Susan Ruth pilot, Howard Snyder, and Luftwaffe pilot, Hans Berger.

70 years later, my 27-year-old son, Clayton Snyder, met with 90-year-old Hans Berger in Munich, Germany. They had lunch together and then went to Hans’ house where Clayton presented him with a copy of my book, Shot Down, which includes Hans’ unique perspective about the air war in Europe.

Like many of the stories in my recently released book, truth is stranger than fiction!

I wish I could have been present myself, but I am in Colorado Springs, CO to attend the 306th Bomb Group Historical Association Reunion.

Clayton Snyder & Hans Berger

Hans Berger