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Eighth Air Force Activated

Download (PDF, 169KB)

Howard Snyder Solo Flight Certificate

Download (PDF, 369KB)

Howard Snyder Primary Flight School Diploma

Download (PDF, 620KB)


8th Air Force Bomber Command Organizational Chart

Download (PDF, 191KB)

306th Bomb Group Mission Analysis  

Download (PDF, 811KB)


Advanced Flying School Graduation Program Class 43-D Pilots

Download (PDF, 385KB)

Howard Snyder Pilot ID card

Download (PDF, 157KB)

Howard Snyder’s Advanced Flying School Diploma  

Download (PDF, 474KB)

Air Force Organizational  Chart

Download (PDF, 111KB)

Wilhelmshaven, Germany Mission Report

Download (PDF, 4.53MB)

 Bremen, Germany Mission Report

Download (PDF, 2.45MB)


Knaben, Norway Mission Report

Download (PDF, 4.16MB)

Bremen, Germany Mission Report

Download (PDF, 11.12MB)

 Solingen, Germany Mission Report 

Download (PDF, 9MB)


369th Bomb Squadron Officers Roster

Download (PDF, 853KB)

369th Bomb Squadron Roster of Enlisted Men

Download (PDF, 3.21MB)

Halberstadt, Germany Mission Report

Download (PDF, 7.19MB)

Air Force Organizational  Chart

Download (PDF, 133KB)


306th Bomb Group Lost Aircraft Report Group -#42-31499 Snyder

Download (PDF, 463KB)

Frankfurt, Germany Mission Report – Susan Ruth Shot Down

Download (PDF, 5.27MB)

Air Force Organizational Chart

Download (PDF, 133KB)

Howard Snyder Air Medal Award Order

Download (PDF, 249KB)

William Slenker Escape & Evasion Report

Download (PDF, 2.88MB)

 Howard Snyder Purple Heart Award Order

Download (PDF, 1.74MB)

 Howard Snyder Escape & Evasion Report 

Download (PDF, 2.5MB)

Howard Snyder Letter of Recommendation

Download (PDF, 518KB)

Tactical Leaflet CPH-3

Download (PDF, 183KB)


Repatriation Memorandum

Download (PDF, 558KB)

Repatration Orders No 1

Download (PDF, 1.11MB)

Howard Snyder Caterpillar Club Card

Download (PDF, 119KB)

Dwight Eisenhower Victory Press Release

Download (PDF, 1.01MB)

Air Force Organizational Chart

Download (PDF, 253KB)

Howard Snyder Separation Record

Download (PDF, 1022KB)


Howard Snyder Promotion to Captain Order

Download (PDF, 450KB)


Poem by Dr. Paul Delahaye

Download (PDF, 548KB)

Heart & Soul

High Flight Poem

Download (PDF, 394KB)

The Army Air Corps Song

Download (PDF, 456KB)